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How Much Does A Mini Skip Cost To Hire In Devon?

If you're a resident of Devon in South West England and need to get rid of waste, skip hire is undoubtedly a convenient and affordable solution. But with various types of skips available in the market, choosing the right skip can be a challenge.

In this post, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about skip hire, particularly mini skip hire in Devon, including:

  • What is a mini skip and when do you need one?
  • Factors that affect mini skip hire costs in Devon
  • How much does a mini skip cost to hire in Devon?

Skip Hire Devon

At Skip Hire Devon, we offer versatile and reliable skip hire services in Devon that cater to businesses and households. Whether you have a small project to dispose of or require a skip for more significant projects, we have a range of skips that can suit all your waste disposal needs. Our mini skips are ideal for smaller projects, garden and household clean-ups, and DIY projects that generate a limited amount of waste.

At Skip Hire Devon, we strive to provide our customers with affordable and efficient waste management solutions. We offer same-day or next-day delivery services, ensuring that you get your skip when you need it. If you're not sure about what skip you need or have any other questions, our team of experts is always on hand to assist you.

What is a mini skip and when do you need one?

Mini skips are smaller skips used for small projects where the amount of waste generated is limited. They are an ideal solution for households and businesses that require waste disposal for garden maintenance, landscaping, small demolition projects, or renovation projects.

Mini skips are also an excellent option for individuals who have limited space for a skip or require a skip that's easy to maneuver around their premises. Mini skips can hold up to 2.5 cubic yards of waste, which is equivalent to approximately 25 to 35 black bags.

Factors that affect mini skip hire costs in Devon

The cost of hiring a mini skip depends on several factors. At Skip Hire Devon, we consider the following factors when determining our skip hire costs:

  • Size of the skip
  • Duration of the hire
  • Type of Waste
  • Location

Size of the skip

The size of the skip has a direct impact on the cost of hire. Mini skips are the smallest skips we offer and cost less than the larger 8-yard skips. The size of the skip you need depends on the amount of waste you have to dispose of. The larger the skip, the more waste it can hold, and the higher the cost of hire.

Duration of the hire

The duration of the hire is another factor that affects the cost of skip hire. How long you need the skip for depends on the nature of your project. Skip Hire Devon provides flexible hire periods for our mini skips, which start from a minimum of one day to a maximum of fourteen days. We also offer extended hire periods if required.

Type of waste

The type of waste you need to dispose of affects the cost of hire. Different types of waste require different handling and disposal methods. At Skip Hire Devon, we classify waste into three categories: General Waste, Inert Waste, and Hazardous waste. General waste consists of domestic and commercial waste. Inert waste includes soil and rubble, and hazardous waste, such as asbestos and chemicals, require special handling and disposal methods.


Location is a significant factor that affects the cost of hiring a mini skip. The cost of hire varies depending on your location within Devon. The further you are from the skip hire company, the higher the cost of hire. Skip Hire Devon provides skip hire services to various areas within Devon, and our costs vary depending on the location.

How much does a mini skip cost to hire in Devon?

At Skip Hire Devon, our mini skips start from 80.00, including VAT. This price includes delivery, collection, and disposal of waste. Our mini skips can hold between 25-35 black bags of waste, making them an affordable and cost-effective solution for small projects.

However, the cost of hiring a mini skip can vary depending on a few factors. Here are some examples of how much you can expect to pay for our mini skip hire services in Devon.

  • A one-day mini skip hire for general waste in Plymouth starts from 80.00.
  • A three-day mini skip hire for inert waste in Exeter starts from 115.00.
  • A seven-day mini skip hire for hazardous waste in Torquay starts from 200.00.

These prices are just estimates, and the cost of skip hire will vary depending on the factors discussed earlier.


Skip Hire Devon is the ideal solution for all your mini skip hire needs in Devon. Our experienced team is always on hand to offer assistance and advice on the best skip size for your project or the type of waste you want to dispose of.

We offer a range of flexible hire periods to suit your project requirements and ensure that you get your skip when you need it. Plus, with our competitive prices, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money.

For all your mini skip hire needs in Devon, contact us at Skip Hire Devon today on 01752 936187, or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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